wan disconnecting

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  1. mekki

    WAN Reconnect Problems Across ASUS Routers / Firmware Versions

    Problem description: ASUS router sometimes does not attempt to reconnect WAN connection (or silently fails--nothing in log files) after outage even after modem comes back up. Steps to reproduce: Intermittent, so inconsistent. Disconnect modem and reconnect (unclear if manual modem disconnect...
  2. S

    Strange thing happening with router

    Hi All, Before I upgraded to the latest firmware 386.4 I had 386.3_2 on my AX88U and all of a sudden I lost internet connection. Found that the NTP server stopped syncing which is strange because the last time it happened I changed my ethernet cable and all was fine last year and a half. So...
  3. K

    Help diagnosing RT-AC68U losing WAN connection on config changes, Wifi devices connecting, etc...??

    TL;DR: router configuration changes, new Wifi device connection to router, etc...seems to kill the router's connection to the WAN. ??? I'm having a new issue with my RT-AC68U which i've owned for years. What initially happened is all my devices (wired and wireless) lost network connectivity...
  4. Wolfclaw

    WAN Disconnections

    Hi all, RT-AC5300 with latest Merlin firmware, which I don't believe is causing my issue as it also does it with previous or stock versions, changed cables etc Every few minutes I just lose all WAN traffic, no reason for, I had thought the CPU at 74c was the culprit so bought a laptop cooler to...
  5. D

    Lost WAN (wired & wireless) connectivity - RT-AX88U & 386.1

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post issues so I'll give it a go. I lost all WAN access, wired and wireless, for a short time. Looking at the syslog there's nothing I can decypher. Is there anyone more technical who could advise what happened and why. Also is there anything I...
  6. N

    384.17 loosing wan connection

    I encounter stability issues with latest 384.17 FW. Wan connection goes down and does not recover unless I restart the router. LAN still works. It is not an ISP issue (connecting a laptop instead of the router works). Main router is AC-2900 (AC-86U FW version 384.17 Merlin) and a aimesh node...
  7. D

    RT-AC87U has started randomly dropping and reconnecting in the past day

    As the title says, my router has curiously developed this problem. Thought it was the ISP so I called them up, but they swear it's the router or modem. No idea why it might be doing this. Some other info: -Connection is wired -Never had any issues like this before now -Most of the time when...
  8. D

    Asus RT-AC66U WAN Connection down and up

    Hi, i am facing issue with my router. ISP is saying its router issue. i have Asus RT-AC66U running on stock Firmware Version: and even tried the last merlin firmware 380.66_4 but same issue. below are the logs. Reading online seems its common issue with asus routers but could...
  9. ADFHogan

    RT-AC5300: When WAN drops out, device unresponsive until modem powercycled

    I have an ASUS RT-AC5300. Initially it was running stock firmware, but then I hoped perhaps running the alternate firmware (Merlin) I might have some better luck. Still having the same problem unfortunately, and I wondered if people had any ideas how I might diagnose/debug. The setup is...
  10. sharepointalex

    RT-68U Nightmares!

    Recently upgraded from a trusty N66U to an RT-68U - mainly for the AC wifi but also for the increased range. Popped the latest Merlin firmware on as I usually do with my Asus routers, re applied my settings, port forwards etc. and all went well. Now I am seeing WAN/LAN dropouts each time I...
  11. F

    RT-AC68U has crazy WAN dropouts when WiFi signal is poor

    Hello folks, I have been having this weird issue that it is puzzling me. I have a Asus RT-AC68U with the latest stock firmware, I have a feeling the issue got worse using this. The WAN is an ADSL/2+ using a TP-LINK modem in bridge mode. In normal conditions the connection is rock solid - it...