wd ex2 ultra

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  1. 350z6233

    ASUS RT-AX53U conflicts with NAS WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra

    Hello all, I'm a new owner of the RT-AX53U router, and so far it has been working quite well with my Wi-Fi 6 laptop (MBP 14 m2). I am getting speeds of 600+ Mbps for both upload and download, and I have no issues streaming 4K videos and so on. However, I am experiencing a problem when using it...
  2. C

    WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra vs. MyCloud Mirror Gen 2

    Hi there, I am looking to get a new Western Digital NAS as I am happy with the ones I have had in the past. However the speed improvements since my most recent one (My Cloud Miror Gen 1) 3 years ago are looking significant, and something I hope to tap into. But I am struggling which to get. My...