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  1. xulian

    Let's encript cert and web server

    Hi, Can let's encript cert be used in apache or IIS being running outside of router? thanks
  2. P

    (Asus) Router settings for web server

    Hi all, I'm running a small webserver behind an Asus RT-N66U router on a residential cable connection. I'm wondering if it's possible to optimize the router configuration for better WAN latency. Which features I should disable/enable to improve HTTP/HTTPS response times? Specifically for the...
  3. V

    Problem when activate Jumbo Frames on my network

    Hi, I encounter a problem when I'm trying to activate jumbo frames on my network. My installation: - Synology DS411+ (MTU @9000) - Ubiquiti ERL (MTU WAN inteface set to 9000) - Compatible switchs (Netgear GS608V2 + GS105) - My desktop W10 (MTU set @9000) The problem is when I activate the...