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  1. M

    WebDAV client?

    Quick search didn't return any successful results. How to mount webdav share on Merlin? Can we mount it in AiCloud and access like Samba shares and clouds (Asus/Dropbox) in a friendly manner?
  2. M

    AC68U - How to increase webdav max upload size

    In looking for a simple solution to backup photos on my android phone, I set up AICloud 2.0 and created a ddns name with asuscomm.com to communicate with the router. I then setup an app called FolderSync on my phone to sync my phone's photo folder to the USB hard drive on the router via WebDAV...
  3. sentinelvdx

    Question - Unable to share a WebDav folder using same ISP over Internet

    Hi, I have setup WebDav and installed the QNAP's SSL certificate. The problem is that most of the people can connect to my WebDav folder, except for people who is using same ISP company like me. Is there any workaround to get those people access the WebDav folder? My ISP is nationwide and they...