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  1. saison2023

    AdGuard Home WebGui - "AdGuard Home is available at the following addresses"

    Hello everyone, First, sorry in advance if this topic was already addressed, I was not able to find the answer during my research. Question: Is there a place to restrict IP addresses on which the Web gui is attached and is listening? As an example, when I updated my AdGuard Home installation...
  2. J

    Are we impacted by the ASUS bad security file issue? No access to WebGUI

    Are routers running asuswrt-Merlin susceptible to the widespread asus security file issue? I can’t access my webGUI all of a sudden. (Which began sometime after I updated AMTM earlier today/yesterday … so that could also be at issue?) I can connect by SSH. And my network seems to be working...
  3. Zigster

    Trouble with Server Certificate for WebGUI

    Hi Forum, Got my GT-AXE11000 and had it correctly setup (Asus-WRT Merlin 388.1_0_rog with correct Browser Certificate), until I carelessly added under /Advanced_ASUSDDNS_Content.asp -> Webui SSL Certificate -> Additional Certificate SANs the routers IP. And now I can't get rid of that...
  4. D


    I bought RT-AX56U upgraded to Merlin 365_2 (and later downgraded to 365 in case problem was due to newest firmware). It's a huge problem. Whenever I change the DNS in lan->dhcp server-> Enter DNS: Advertise router's IP in addition to user-specified DNS: No I loose access to the Web GUI...
  5. sentinelvdx

    [Question/Issue] AiProtection "Client Infected"/"UPnP Enabled"

    Hi, I've been checking AiProtection, and noticed 2 things: -The "scan" button, after clicking on it, shows the UPnP is enabled when it's not (at least not on GUI). Is there a way in the router to validate if it's a WebGUI issue or if it's really enabled? -The "Two-Way IPS" shows one of my...
  6. N

    AiCloud on Merlin

    When I run AiCloud on Asus Merlin, all the directories are listed in reverse order (z to a instead of a to z) And it does not seem to be any button in the webgui to reverse it back. Is this a known problem? It is not a major problem, but kind of annoying.
  7. h0per

    Web GUI down

    Hello. ASUS RT-AC86U 384.12 Log from externel SYSlog server - "All_2019-7-10-6_56_32.html" on attached 6:56 - router not responding on http://router.asus.com ( All services work normally. What happened before: 21:05 - all ok 22:56 - put Ipad to dock station on charge. Assumedly...