wifi access point

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    How to provide 5g wifi network for 1000 buildings using wifi mesh technology

    Hi all, I would like to get some ideas for providing a 5G cellular wifi network for about 1000 independent buildings (in a single campus spread around 120 Acres) using the wifi mesh technology. Can anybody put some light on this subject matter? new to this forum. so don't have any idea about...
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    VLAN on NEW Router... or Separate Routers for IoT and Security

    Hello and the best of 2021 to everyone. I have recently moved to a new home in BC (Canada) and have brought all of my previous gear along. I have a fair bit of hardware accumulated over the years that can be incorporated into a more secured network design. However, I have not yet concluded on...
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    Which WiFi access point?

    I am looking for a Wireless access point. I have a broadband connection downstairs and Ethernet point in my upstair bedroom. Rather than extending the wifi, I am looking to get the max out of my cable broadband connection. So I would need to connect the wired cable broadband connection to a...