wifi performance

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  1. torstein

    Why is my wireless LAN speed slower than my wireless internet speed on AX86U?

    TL;DR: My WiFi internet speed is way faster than my WiFi LAN speeds. Why? Answer: It's because using samba to transfer a file between two computers, the AX86U's single 5GHz radio both receives and sends data at the same time - so bidirectional traffic. This saturates the radio, effectively...
  2. elrengo

    RT-AC3100 Performance poor - Wireless & Wired

    Hi, I have two routers: RT-AC3100 as principal router connected to my ISP Cablemodem, then an RT-AC66_B1 configured as Access Point to extend my wire & wireless network. I've two SSID on my house, one on my AC3100 and other on my AC66U_B1. My contracted internet service is 300mb. When I connect...