1. D

    Windows Controlled Folders Access and NAS

    Ransomware encryption is growing and to counter the threat, Microsoft introduced Controlled Folders Access (CFA) to Windows 10. Basically it blocks access by any non-MS apps or any apps you dont whitelist to any partitions or folders you nominate But the files on a NAS dont have a similar...
  2. Deepcuts

    Windows 10 VPN adapter "Privacy statement"

    I guess boredom made me focus today on the Privacy statement link found on any VPN adapter in Windows 10. I am talking about the adapters found at Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections The link in question is this: Reading that web page, I could not find anything regarding...
  3. D

    Stop Microsoft from Killing my router?

    I'm wondering if anyone else has an answer to this as my family wants me to replace the router and I've found little solutions . I have an RT-AC3100 Router running the stock (and updated firmware). It has about 15 2.4 devices (mostly light bulbs), 10 5ghz devices connected and about 10 hard...
  4. B

    Can't connect to USB drive on AC3200 after upgrade to 384.3

    I use a USB drive connected to my ASUS AC3200 Router for my SBACKUP destination on ubuntu linux. It has been working successfully, but stopped connecting after upgrading to 384.3. The connect string in SBACKUP is: smb://[email protected]/backup/backups-user The error in SBACKUP is: Unable to...
  5. Julio Urquidi

    Thecus W4810 Expands Windows Storage Server NAS Series

    The W4810 is the latest addition to Thecus’ Windows Storage Server (WSS) 2012 R2 Essentials NAS series. Built for the SMB market, the W4810 is equipped with an Intel Celeron N3160 quad-core processor and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and runs Microsoft Windows Server. The feature set is targeted to small...
  6. Dr. Uwe Meyer-Gruhl

    HomeTunnel VPN - Access your SOHO network from everywhere

    Hi, for those of you who would like to setup a VPN to their home networks but loathe the complexity that usually comes with it: Take a look at HomeTunnel - maybe even one of the SmallNetBuilder staff would like to test it? There is also a current Kickstarter campaign where you can get one of...
  7. Sicario

    ASUS Download Master Utility (for Windows)

    Description: ASUS Download Master Utility Windows) Support OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Language: English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese File Size: 7.05 MBytes, update 2016/04/14. Download from: Global
  8. sfx2000

    [Tip] - IPv6 and Windows 7/8/10... disable Teredo

    Teredo can be a pain when sorting out IPv6 issues on your LAN/WLAN... Quick debug hint - do this on any/all Win7/8/10 machines... howto: 1. Open a command prompt with administrator privileges (Start->Accessories->right click on Command Prompt, choose Run as Administrator): 2. Issue the...