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  1. Nasi Jose

    Wireless Router with Segmented Guest Network or VLAN support

    Friend is looking for a new Wireless router that has a guest network that is isolated from the main network. (Not a bunch of boxes or flashing firmware to achieve it) Wireless router that has vlan support is fine. WiFi 6 support is a plus. Suggestions?
  2. O

    4G Router -to- Wireless Router (Ideas?)

    Hey, everyone. My situation, right now: ISP modem/router (DSL [damn slow: 4Mbps/1Mbps]), as router 1, and the Asus RT-AC51U (AC750), as a 2º router, where everything connects: Desktop, Rasp Pi 3b, Smart TV, kid's consoles, phones&tablets, Smart Home, and my Laptop. But next month I'll...
  3. X

    Vpn on asus 68u behind a wireless router

    Asus 68u run asuswrt-merlin last update and I run OpenVPN on it. The wireless router is set in bridge and my isp they tell me that NAT is disabled. The routers are placed in my summer cottage and I live far away (300 km) and am stucked when the vpn not function which has happen now and last...
  4. D

    Should I upgrade to WiFi 6 Router?

    It just came in my attention that NetGear released it new Wi-Fi 6 Extender: https://www.snbforums.com/threads/netgear-intros-tri-band-wi-fi-6-router-and-mesh-extender.58388/ My question is: What if I connect the Netgear AX600 wifi extender/router with my AC router will I able to get better...
  5. thiggins

    CES 2019: D-Link Adds Mesh To Exo Router Family

    D-Link has refreshed its Exo wireless router family and added mesh capability to the five routers and two extenders announced today. All the new Exo routers have Gigabit Ethernet ports (1 WAN, 4 LAN), USB 3.0 port for storage sharing and support some management capabilities through Google...
  6. H

    Which wireless router?

    hi I am getting ISP Comcast 500mbps theoretically. Will purchase Netgear CM 1000 ( 3.1 Docis) Need fastest and best router available . Mostly concerned with fastest speed Wired to PC and then mobile also. House 3000 sq feet. ( I have Netgear 8500 , thinking to upgrade??) X10 X4s TP link 7200 RT...
  7. Mrwirez

    [HELP] Choosing a 2nd ASUS router to extend home network

    Hello SNB folks. I could use some of you guy's expertise in chosing a second ASUS router to extend my new RT-AC86U. Just for some background details: I just replaced an older Asus/T-mo AC1900. I tried but could never get it to flash any Asus or Merlin FW. I think my kid hooked it up and the...
  8. C

    Wireless router with openvpn client support

    Hi, I am likely going to subscribe to nordvpn at my parents' house. Their connection is currently crap (promised 16mbit for 20 years, they are lucky if they ever got 10 across all the lying providers). I already have nordvpn and although they say no throttling, my 120mbit behind vpn becomes...