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  1. P

    Client connection reporting wpa2 vs wpa3

    I have the latest Merlin for the AX 88U. I have WPA2/WPA3 set for wireless and it works for my clients. I've looked around the forum and at the merlin interface including the wireless log and low level details ... I can't see if/where it is indicated that a client connected via wpa2 vs wpa3. Is...
  2. MDM

    With WPA3 some clients drop after exactly 12h (GT-AX6000 - do not think it is router specific)

    I have one issue now that I have a router with AX/WPA3 capabilities, and I am practically Certain it is not FW or even router fault/related and instead just the client fault, but stil may be useful to post and discuss about it here... Two of my phones POCO F3 (AX capable with MIUI 14/Android...