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  1. B

    Merlin on RT-AX58U V2

    Hi, Will there ever be development to add the RT-AX58U V2 to the Merlin firmware? If not, does anyone know any custom firmware that works with V2? Cheers, B.
  2. Skeptical.me

    VPN and IP question

    So, if I'm using, say, a ProtonVPN server that has a dedicated IP, can I use Merlin-Wrt to block ALL IP addresses other than the Proton IP? And if I had some forwarded ports would this make the port forwarding more secure? Hope that makes sense. :-)
  3. D

    ASUS WRT OPENVPN Server passthrough configuration?

    Hi, I have Asus U66 WRT with Merlin upgrade on it and I am trying to configure OPENVPN server on it so I can see devices behind router from anywhere. So far I have set up OPENVPN server on a router, downloaded config file and set client configuration on a remote computer. The computer is...
  4. N

    RT-AC87U LACP (802.3ad) Link aggregation possible?

    I have recently flashed the most recent available merlin firmware (380.68_0) to my ASUS RT-AC87U router and was wondering if there was finally a way to use LACP in conjuncture with my SG-200 Cisco switch and Qnap TS-653PRO nas for better throughput. I had read some info here...
  5. I

    Any third-party firmware support for ASUS GT-AC5300? Flashing issues?

    I've found support for the RT-AC5300; don't know if that works with the GT due to the different CPU and such. I was also warned at Micro Center that there will be issues with firmware upon setup or flashing. Should I just return the sucker?
  6. T

    RT-AC88U Run through OpenVPN client into my own OpenVPN server?

    I would like to know if I can setup selective routing for all devices in my network to be run similar to the third party client openvpn. I understand if you use a third party for the client side through openvpn, all devices are individually controlled. I currently have the router setup with an...
  7. S

    Need help with nat-start script.

    Since I enabled the FTP server on my NAS I've been getting several log alerts in my mail about failed login attempts. This is part of the log that is sent to my email from my NAS 2016-12-26 19:26:20 alert Failed pure-ftpd login attempt (incorrect password or inexistent username). The details...
  8. sfx2000

    Linksys WRT-3200ACM Rumors - The Big Blue Router hits Wave 2

    Starting to see some rumbles about a WRT Wave 2 over on the DDWRT/OpenWRT forums... Board Name - Rango RAM/Flash - 512/256 (flash is a bump up) CPU - Armada 88F6825 @ 1.866 GHz Unknown what wireless chipsets - features supposedly are VHT160 and MU-MIMO - however, I suspect it will be a Marvell...
  9. sfx2000

    Goodbye WRT1900ac - comments below

    I bid farewell to the WRT1900ac series (including ACS and the WRT1200ac) - I'm probably not a typical user, but at the same time, somewhat of a believer in the strong points of this device. Many times, I've jumped in to the forums to help out where I can, but lack of updates, and the on-going...