xt8 asus

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  1. roxxor

    XT8 wireless backhaul problems, DFS channels, local regulations and "recent" firmwares

    Hi everyone, After long reading and tests regarding the famous "XT8 wireless backhaul constant drops" topics we find all over the place on the web (since, let say, few months before the first 388 branch release), I understand that the problem only concerns gear used outside of the US, in...
  2. K

    XT8 and VLAN

    Hello, I understand that XT8 does not support VLANs, no config, no QoS, etc. But, does XT8 understand VLANs in a way, it would maintain VLAN tag for up/downlink? Or does XT8 drop all Ethernet traffic, which is having VLAN tags? Regards K
  3. R

    xt8 dropping 2.5G wan/reconnect loop

    I searched for this and did not find any obvious answers. I have a new XT8 that was flashed with the latest firmware, connected via 2.5G ethernet to a dedicated pFsense mini-pc with a intel 2.5G port While I do not see any obvious issues with my internet - i see from my asus logs that there...
  4. D

    XT8 not able to find or factory reset

    Like many people my wifi keeps disconnecting multiple times a day with XT8 mesh. I’ve read that downgrading firmware to 42095 does the trick. I set out to downgrade to 42095 on my 4 XT8s. It worked fine for 2 of them, purchased in late 2020. However, my 2 other nodes (purchased in late 2021...
  5. V

    XT8 Boot Loop after firmware upgrade

    Hi All, My Dual XT8 system had been running fine on GNUton's 386.5._2 firmware but the multitude of logging in to the router and seeing notifications on the browser and the app that a newer version was available I finally bit... And there begins the nightmare! I hit the link to upgrade and...
  6. U

    XT8 Firmware on Printer lost connection

    I lost access to my air printer by updating to 46061 and had to revert. Printer is a brother HL-3170CDW and I'm on MacOS. The printer connects through 802.11n, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but just wanted to see if anyone else had that problem. I reverted back to...
  7. M

    Bricked my XT8

    Hey folks - bought 4 XT8's. TL:DR: Tried to downgrade the firmware on a new 2021 XT8 from 43170 to 25790 via the web UI. Did everything is was supposed to but failed to reboot. Now I cant reset it, soft or hard, and cant put it in to recovery mode. When I turn it on it goes straight to a solid...