zenwifi ax (xd4)

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    Per Device bandwidth monitor

    I just got off a chat with Asus support, and they showed a per device traffic monitor, but in a beta 9.x firmware on an XT8. I asked about it, but the agent didn't know it was beta much less if/how I could get it. The history here is that we are on a metered connection with Xfinity, and for the...
  2. G

    New Home AiMesh Network - AX68U, AC86U, and 4 ZenwiFi AX Minis (XD4) - Need some help

    I am in the process of trying to upgrade my home network, using AiMesh, and I am experiencing issues. Below I have tried to describe the equipment and how I have setup the network followed by a series of questions to issues that I think are problems. Any help with this would be appreciated...