zenwifi pro et12

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  1. N

    Fios, AXE11000 2 pack, TP link switch, and do I need vlan iptv?

    Hi all, I recently added a TP LINK TL-SG108E switch between FIOS ONT and zenWiFi ET12 pro router. The purpose was to resolve the widely known low upload speed issue. Just to be clear, it’s connected as ONT -> Switch -> Router. I noticed people mentioned about vlan iptv port 102 to be set up on...
  2. M

    I have two Zenwifi ET12’s and want to expand in a large house — do I buy more E12s or a router like the GT-AXE16000?

    As the title says, I'm at a crossroads with how to expand my mesh network. I started with two ET12's. Would I get more coverage with more ET12's or with a router like the GT-AXE16000? The house is three story and 4,000 SF. There's also a barn in the distance I need to reach. Thanks for your help!
  3. R

    Release ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 Firmware version (2022/11/28 )

    Hey guys I was able to upgrade my ET12 today to Give it a check on your routers :)
  4. kushari

    ZenWiFi Pro ET12 Firmware Upgrade Unsuccessful Error

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to update my ZenWifi Pro ET12 AI Mesh router and node to Merlin to unlock the extra features it provides. I've tried on Brave browser, and Firefox. A few seconds after I upload the file XT12_386.7_0_nand_squashfs.pkgtb I get an error saying firmware upgrade unsuccessful...