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160 width channel & DFS


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Hello all......just bought an RT - AX88U from micro center......I wanted to upgrade from my technicolor Tg1862g.....and use my own router......I must say this is one incredible piece of networking equipment.......that said can someone educate me on what 160 channel width does and do I need to enable it......and what is DFS and should I enable that as well.....both are disabled by default.......TY.......


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160mhz relates to how much information can be transmitted at once.
Wifi is made up of 20mhz channels, for think of 80mhz as a 4 lane motorway and 160mhz as an 8 lane motorway.

If you can enable it then it will improve things if you have a video library/NAS on your network.

You may struggle to enable it if you have radar interference though.

DFS is required to access certain channels (lanes).

For 160mhz it is required and opens up more channels for 40/80mhz too.

If DFS detects interference on a channel it will close it down. A bit like if there is an accident on a motorway the lane gets shut down until it is clear again.

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