2.4 GHz frequent disconnects with TP-Link and Honeywell.


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On our GT-AX11000 after upgrading to 384.6 over the weekend, we've experienced nearly constant disconnects and reconnects on some, but not all, of the clients -- particularly with TP-Link and Honeywell thermostats. We've been able to reduce the disconnect frequency by changing the 2.4 GHz wireless mode from auto to legacy. Asus apparently knows about this and has a fix in firmware it released yesterday (12 January) that may have fixed whatever is wrong. Does anyone else experience this issue or know when the Asus fix will be released in Merlin firmware?


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I can confirm the very recent stock Asus Firmware releases for my AX86U (Version dated 2022/01/11) and AX88U (Version dated 2022/01/12) do fix the disconnects that my IOT devices experienced under Merlin 386.4 Release. I'm testing them out on two of my APs that have IOT devices on them. So far, so good. Nest, TP-Link devices all happy and steady.

As to when this will appear in a Merlin build, that's an unknown timeline. I'd guess the next major release which may not be for a while. I don't believe Merlin has even started looking at that due to other higher priorities.

One option for you would be to go back to previous Merlin Release (386.3_2) which does not exhibit this issue. I'm keeping my main router at that build for now due to the need for the Merlin tweaks. Or you can try the Asus stock FW from this month.
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Yup, similar deal for me also: with 386.4 on my AX-88U, my TP-Link WiFi light bulbs (2.4 GHz) are fairly "flake" - good ol' Alexa keeps losing connectivity to various of these puppies.

Which is annoying, as this means lights on a different floor and at the other end of my house stay on when I instruct them to go off at night... note that these eventually *do* manage to reconnect, usually a few minutes later.

Dropping back to 386.3_2 makes the exact same H/W be once more reliable (none of these loss-of-connectivity issues).

While I did mention this once during the most recent BETA series, I didn't belabor the point, as a) it wasn't a "hard fail", and b) I was mostly worried about getting IPv6 working again.


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While I did mention this once during the most recent BETA series, I didn't belabor the point, as a) it wasn't a "hard fail", and b) I was mostly worried about getting IPv6 working again.
I also saw this when testing out a beta release and had to roll back, but this is all black box to Merlin as it's on the Asus-controlled side. A few tried to get it work but even after a hard reset and re-configure, still same issues. Asus has fixed it in their recent releases so we'll need to wait for this to make it's way into a Merlin build.


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I have had a problem recently on my RT-AC86U, with both my 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi dropping connections to my external devices several times a day. I had remembered a thread from 10 months ago which was discussing using [cru] to periodically ping remote devices to keep the WiFi link active/open. After figuring out the syntax, I have been pinging my devices For over 24 hours now and none of my connections have dropped.

UPDATE: I had considered waiting 48 hours or longer before posting my favorable results that seemed to work in my case. This morning, the router, after being up for 1 day 15 hours was showing no devices connected on the 5GHz band, and my 5GHz devices were not connected to the internet. Back to the drawing board. :( I managed to re-enable the 5GHz band via [Network Map>> System Status>>Wireless>>Apply] without having to reboot the router.

2ND UPDATE: I think my issue likely was a result of repeated dirty firmware updates. After applying some best practices (I slightly modified what I actually did) that some have offered on these forums my router's Wifi has had trouble-free service for 3 days 3 hour(s) 3 minute(s) 39 seconds so far.

I personally would prefer a Kludge like this rather than give up the most recent Merlin version with it's more recent/secure firmware.

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Same here I can see my 2.4GHz on my network but cant connect to it.


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Same problem for me, my Shelly devices struggles to connect on 386.4, other devices randomly disconnects. No problems after downgrading to 386.3_2.

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