2 Asus routers and link aggregation?


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I intend to use 2 Asus router and link aggregation in this case. I wonder if it will work? Thanks
1/ LAN1 of router A will be wired to LAN1 of router B by CAT6 cable.
2/ LAN2 of router A will be wirelessly connect to LAN2 of router B by using a pair of TP-link CPE210.

Can using link aggregation on both routers use both (1) & (2) at the same time or use (1) as main and switch to (2) in case (1) fail and vice versa?
I want 1 of the link to be back up if the other fails. Wonder if its possible?


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A diagram here would help, but from the description given, it doesn't seem like a workable solution, as-is.

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