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2 ASUS routers in mesh mode. One is acting wonky. How to tell which?

Brad Isaac

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Hi all,

I have an RT-AC68P router set up as my main mesh node and an RT-AC68U as the client mesh node. It seems one of these is acting up. I get frequent wifi disconnects and slowdowns for 15-30 second intervals. When I look in the log file nothing seems out of the ordinary. I never see "network connection lost" or whatnot in the logs.

Last month, my AC68U did show corruption in flash so I factory reset it and set up the network from scratch. I haven't seen any flash corruption messages since. But I do suspect that one is failing.

Was wondering how others troubleshoot to find which node is the culprit.


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Turn one off and see what happens? :)

Can you tell by the signal strength which one is closer and you are more likely to be connected to it?

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