"2 clients are connecting through this device"

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I see the following in Network Map with a new Samsung tablet:

If I look in the logs, there is only one client with that MAC and there are no other MAC addresses connected now or in the past.



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Found this thread on the topic. Sorry I didn't see it before. Since the tablet initially connected and received a DHCP assignment, and was later changed to receive a fixed IP from dnsmasq, I assume my issue is similar to the other poster's issues. It seems that the Asus code doesn't decrement the counter that tallies the number of IPs assigned to a MAC even after the DHCP lease expires.


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killall networkmap worked. It seemed to have restarted itself after a bit. Not sure how to properly restart it since it's not a service.

Dec 26 07:48:54 rc_service: service 31876:notify_rc start_networkmap
Dec 26 07:48:54 rc: received unrecognized event: networkmap
I just did /usr/sbin/networkmap &

Seems ok.

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