2 PC gaming on latest merlin 386.7_2, attempted port forwarding for both, only one is getting online

Joshua Price

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I have 2 alienware desktops, running on a rt-ac5300 Asus with 386.7_2 firmware. Up until recently my son and I could play COD at the same time without problems.. Both PC's have always been on a reserved IP address.

UPNP is active, there's no upnp option to select full cone as I've read for when using multiple gaming rigs, must be older firmware.
WAN Connection Type
Automatic IP Static IP PPPoE PPTP L2TP​
Enable WANYes No
Enable NATYes No
Enable UPnP UPnP FAQYes No
Enable secure UPnP modeYes No
UPNP: Allowed internal port rangeto
UPNP: Allowed external port rangeto

I've attempted to setup manual port forwarding for both pcs, as well as even DMZ for one... Still only able to get one online.. I'm pulling my hair out trying to fix the issue as I hate using vpn services or my 4g hotspot while gaming.
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