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1) Since I recently updated firmware, I now see an indicator that is telling me there's a new firmware available. Is that a new Merlin build or just the regular Asus?

2) Is it possible to increase MTU size for a specific port on the Asus? I see there is a jumbo frames option, but its not per port. I have a NAS that I am trying to squeeze perf out of, so I increased MTU for the NAS and the switch its plugged into, but that switch is connected to the Asus. I'm considering trying to change the MTU on that port on the Asus.
MTU changes are generally for all ports on a switch as it normally turns it on at a "system" level rather than "port" level; at least in the Cisco world.
Keep in mind you can just click on the new firmware indicator and read what the new firmware offers. That will also tell you if it's from Asus or RMerlin too.

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