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2 - RT-AX55 Access points using Aimesh?

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Amazon has RT-AX55 routers for $60. I want to update my network at home. Currently running Untangled on a PC as my router with 2 RT-AC66U setup as access points. If I setup 2 RT-AX55's as access points and enable AIMESH, does this handle handing off of clients between the 2 access points? Does AIMESH add anything if I am not using either RT-AX55 as a router? I tried searching, but there isn't a lot about AIMESH in access point mode.


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I've AX86U and 2x AX55 running as nodes without issues. Only thing is they can't run Merlin, but with Merlin only on AX86U it also works.
The nice thing with AIMESH is that you have one point for setup.
I use AX86U as router cause of throughput. One son gaming and others use streaming and so on, plus I've 1Gb WAN connection which the AX55 can't really handle, that's why I've them as AIMESH nodes.

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