Solved 2 x AX86U group AiMESH, WIFI question


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I have two AX86U sets of AiMESH, placed in 1F and 2F respectively.
Both have updated Merlin firmware with the latest version.
Set up 1G ethernet backhaul.
WIFI test equipment is laptop + AX210 network card.

1F is set to host, 2F is set to AiMESH node.
At the 1F, the WIFI network rate of the laptop was stable at 2.4Gbps.
However, the WIFI network rate of the laptop at the 2F is only 1.2Gbps.

After changing the 2F to AP mode, the WIFI rate of the laptop at the 2F is stable at 2.4Gbps.
But when the 2F is changed to AiMESH node again, it becomes only 1.2Gbps and cannot be higher.
At this time, take the laptop to 1F, WIFI into 1F signal and immediately became 2.4Gbps.
When go up to the 2F again, the WIFI signal becomes 2F and then drops to 1.2Gbps, only when 2F is set to AP mode is normal.

Is this because of the ethernet backhaul limitation?


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Sound like your main router is set at 160MHz wide channel, but the node provides only 80MHz wide.


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Got that same issue on the AX88 and AX86 mesh nodes, all running Merlin. Look's like I'll be running ASUS AX86 firmware on the mesh nodes to solve it. So much for LED scheduling, will have to leave them permantly off....

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