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Mr. Easy
Staff member
There are some pretty good videos posted from this year's Wireless Lan Pro Conference. Here's one that shows why throttling bandwidth to control application might not be a good idea.

Video index here.
Great presentation. Excellent points.

Very similar to how modern CPU's are designed to work. They are most effective when allowed to run at the maximum speed as-needed and then idle at their lowest when not. This makes them actually more efficient too. ;)

Bandwidth control has been hit-and-miss in the past for some customers. Now, I can explain it to them very easily why it doesn't necessarily work.

And with WiFi, specs, graphs and lab testing isn't the final word. Even if they're a great starting point in the comparison/short listing stages.

The actual network using the specific workflow required will quickly show you 'a' is better than 'b'. Why?

It depends! :)

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