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2x AC86U connected through OpenVPN (LAN only), additional server on client side not reachable

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Hi guys, hope you can help me out with a problem I can't solve (maybe I missed something obvious). The problem arose when updating my two AC86U routers from 384 to 386(.10) based firmware (merlin). Before the update I had setup vpn tunnel between the two that are on different locations (1st location server, 2nd location client). One as server the other as client over wan only accessing LAN. Configuerd so clients on both ends could see each other. Additionaly I had setup another openvpn server on both routers so I could access (from e.g. smartphone) that specific location (router and clients), this time clients accessing internet as well. When using this second server I could not see clients on other location which is fine, because I was usually solving problems on that specific location (hence additional servers on both ends). All vpn servers had uniqe subnets and ports. This was all working as intended. After the upgrade, tunnel between locations works as before, the second vpn server on server side also works as before. The problem is on the client side (2nd location) where configured server for occational connection is not accessible as long as the router has active vpn client (connecting to 1st location). As soon as I disable this connection the server starts working (maybe not relevant or normal, but when I'm connected on client's network (2nd router) I can connect to its server). Subnets of servers do not overlap, ofcourse using different ports for each server. I'm not shure if I should make some additional settings in VPN Director (in previous FW I did not have to), as I have set "redirect internet traffic to tunnel" to "No" anyways (on client side, 2nd location). Thanks for your input.

PS: I can post config is necessary.
When you say the server on the router at location #2 "starts working" when the client on the router is disconnected, do you mean that it starts, or do you mean it has started all along, but now accepts connections?

And when you say it "starts working", are you still trying to make the connection with a smartphone, or are you trying to make a connection from location #1

You say the VPN servers are on different subnets and ports, but are the LANs and WANs along the way also unique? No 192.168.1.xx, etc., in the mix?

I have two locations joined site to site, with both servers up at each end for maintenance but haven't encountered this.
Sorry I wasn't clear enough. I meant server at location 2 starts accepting connection, it is on all the time.

Yes, still trying to make the connection with a smartphone (mobile data). It gets connected when I close/disconnect client (location 2). But if smartphone is connected through wifi on location 2 (so same network) it gets connected without disconnecting client first.

Yes, LANs (192.168.2.x and 192.168.0.x) and WANs (different from ISP) are unique.

It used to work before I upgraded, I'm not shure what happened.

PS: should I see something in router log when I'm trying to connect? There's nothing in the logs in router #2 and on smartphone "connection timed out (connection failed (soft))"
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Definitely a puzzle. There should be something in the log at location #2 if the server is seeing an attempt. If not then maybe something is preventing the smartphone from knocking on the server's door.
Still haven't resolved the issue. Smartphone probably is not a problem, since I can connect to openvpn server 2 on locaton 1. I'm posting screenshots of servers and client on both location if maybe I'm missing something in the configuration.

Server 1 on Location 1

Server 2 on location 1

Both above work as intended.

Client on location 2 (connects to server 1 on location 1 without problem)

Server on location 2

I can connect to this one (through wan - ie. using smarthopne's cellular data) onyl when I disconnect above client (to location 1) first, but connects if i'm on my local network (ie smartphone using this router's wifi) regardless client to locatation 1 connected or not.

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