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As the topic says it all, is the Unstable king of all times !

- Constant random "internet connection" drop outs (with or without Download Master activated)
You simply lose the internet access on RT-AC68U (both wired and WiFi) but Download Master keeps on running (downloading)
It's NOT an ISP or bandwidth issue... I'm an experienced RT-AC68U and a heavy Download Master user for 6 years, I know how to use the device/app !

- Internet Status randomly shows "disconnected" and after a while (1 to 3 mins.) connection gets repaired.
But... as you can guess, it goes "disconnected" again.

- While those absurd issues are happening, the Download Master options under the USB Applications tab goes mad "Check Update" option goes missing !

Tried to factory reset, reboot and even format the attached USB Drive but... NO !
- Nothing helps.

I'm using the router mode in a very simple setting with no VPN, AiMesh etc.
Just 5 clients accessing internet while Download Master running 24/7 !

Why are these "things happening" ASUS ?
Why can't you do things right for god sake ?
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Ronald Schwerer

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LOL. 28 posts (currently) and every one of them is bitching about DM. Having never used or installed it, I think I'll keep it that way.

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