384.19 DNS very slow

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I'm currently on 384.19 on a RT-AC3100 and I'm having a hard time with the DNS part. I tried rebooting, clearing and didn't worked. What's going on is on my computer, when I do a ping (or anything else that involve DNS), it take about 10 sec before the ip get resolved (and even more). On the DHCP page, I switched DNS 1 to and it's instant answer, but once I remove it (so it's back to my router dns), it take forever before getting an answer.

I've tried turning off FlexQOS, Skynet, Diversion, nothing worked. I'm unsure if it's dnsmasq that's just very slow on the router. Problem is, if I put as DNS, then diversion won't do it's job.

Thank you


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What is set as WAN DNS on the router?

What does an nslookup from a client look like when it times out using the router as DNS?

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