384.19 Upnp causes slow response?

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Hi. On Rt-ac68u with the current f/w I noticed that I was getting slow response on all browsers between hitting enter with any URL and the screen starting its filling. 2-3 seconds typically. I recalled it being faster so started looking for a cause. After some time I recalled that I factory reset the router a few weeks ago but never bothered to shut off the UPNP like I usually do.

Turned it off and redid my test.. .. presto fast response is back. getting results within 1 second again.

Is this normal behaviour that UPNP would slow everything down so much? There were no ports showing in the logs so its not as if something was going on as far as upnp.

thanks for your thoughts.



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In itself UPnP should have no effect on browsing. I'm wondering whether there's some sort of issue when starting UPnP that causes it to go into a loop consuming all the CPU, and by association slowing down the whole of the router. Try logging into the router and running top and then enabling UPnP.

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