Release [ 384.19_Alpha Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

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Available build(s)
RT-AX58U 2:nd build
RT-AX88U 2:nd build

384.19 (xx-xxx-2020)
- NEW: Added support for static routes for PPTP/L2TP VPN
clients, on the Static Route page (themiron)
- NEW: Added notification when jffs free space drops below
3 MB.
- UPDATED: Merged GPL 384_9354 for AX models.
- UPDATED: Merged SDK + binary blobs 384_9354 for RT-AX58U.
- UPDATED: Merged SDK + binary blobs 384_9107 for RT_AX88U.
- FIXED: Broken French webui on AX models (fixed with
Asus's GPL update)
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@RMerlin pumping those builds out! Already an alpha for .19 when .18 just came out! :eek::D


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"all variants" is misleading when there's just one model. Maybe a better title is needed to avoid giving us false hope. :rolleyes:
It wouldn't be the first time an alpha started with limited model support, then expanded to include most/all models, so not necessarily a misnomer. TBD... :)


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Just installed 384.19 Alpha 1 did a factory reset. All is working well, very happy to see Merlin and the AX58U right up to date with Asus stock.

Thank you @Merlin for the very fast turn around using GPL 9354. :D:)


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Thank you very much for digging and diffing through the GPL codes.

Upgraded my AX88u to 384.19a1, complete reset afterwards.
Noticed a severe bug with SSH daemon.

Problem description:
Step 1: enable SSH-Daemon during fresh setup.
Step 2: reboot of my AX88u leads to a reproduceable crash (no IP-connectivity at all, device not responding at all). Always have to hard reset the AX88u in that case.

Edit: possible workaround appears to be to activate SSH only temporarily and disable it before restarting.


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Well, 384.18_0 release final didn't last long. :)

384.19 Alpha one working great on both RT-AX88U (main) and RT-AX58U (AiMesh node).

Dirty upgrade once more, btw.

Well done RMerlin! Thank you.


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Installed 19 Alpha 1. Dirty flash. Much activity on the router. Especially 'nt_center' with a 80-85% CPU load. After a short while the router UI does not respond anymore. Went back to version 384.18.


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Nothing like that here. How long did you test for? Did you try rebooting the router and waiting about 15 minutes or so?
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