Solved 386.1 unable to add DHCP reservation


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Hi folks,

I'm having some odd issues trying to add a DHCP reservation (Merlin 386.1)

  • Starting yesterday evening, I was unable to add a DHCP reservation. SSH in and noticed a jffs error trying to access Skynet.
  • Since then I've removed the USB stick, did a NVRAM reset (powered off, held WPS button down, powered up with WPS button held down 30 seconds), then re-configured the router (new SSID names, different admin login & password) but still, I can not add any reservations (there are none).
  • I can change the DNS settings on that same page and hitting Apply does save them, but no luck with DHCP reservations

Checking the system log, the only error I can find is this one:
  • "Apr 8 10:25:24 kernel: CFG80211-ERROR) wl_cfg80211_change_station : WLC_SCB_AUTHORIZE sta_flags_mask not set" and I have no idea if that's related.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I'm out of ideas. I searched for 'unable to add reservation' but didn't find anything that looked related (or was recent).

Thanks in advance!


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Check that the /jffs is mounted. Might be a good idea to format the /jffs. And upgrade to 386.2

Thanks for the quick response!
OK, I feel dumb but: Is /jffs only when I have a usb key inserted? I don't anymore. If not, how do I check if it is mounted or not?

Edit: saw the update on your post with the link, I used the exact procedure stated for the AX58U:
1. Turn the router off.
2. Press and hold the "WPS" button and turn the router on.
3. Power light is on (keep holding the WPS button).
4. Release the WPS button after the power light is off.
5. Reboot your router by manually pressing the power button.

Edit #2:
Searched again, for /jffs and found this post by L&LD, will try that once we're done work for the day (working from home, need to be online :) )
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386.2 fixed a known issue where the jffs partition might not get mounted. I would recommend upgrading as your first step.


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386.2 fixed a known issue where the jffs partition might not get mounted. I would recommend upgrading as your first step.

Thank you!

I will do that first tonight, then if I still have issues, set the 'Format JFFS partition at next boot' flag and reboot again.


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Updated to 386.2, reformatted jffs and I was OK.

Saw some jffs errors last night, so who knows what happened. Anyway, back up and running :)

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