386.1_2 AiMesh node drops RT-AC68U

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When 382.1_2 came out 2 weeks ago I took my 3 routers (2xAC86U, 1xAC68U) through a nuclear reset, flashed the firmware (no issues) and manually rebuild the network from scratch.
While I am happy with being able to run a stable AiMesh for the first time ever since I bought the first 2 Asus routers I started noticing drops of the AC68U.
AiMesh configuration: Main router: AC86U, node#1 AC86U, node#2 AC68U.
I only noticed the drops because my IoT devices are logging when they become unavailable. Improvement over 384.19 I ran before is the fact that the node recovers by itself within 5-6 minutes.
On 384.19 the node dropped off and had to be switched off/on manually to bring it back. Because of that behaviour I opted for not using AiMesh and ran a main, repeater, media bridge configuration.
In the meantime I nuked the AC68U again, completed a channel analysis and switched location of the nodes without any findings. AC86U node is stable, AC68U drops off AiMesh at unpredictable times.

Any other ideas what I could try ?


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I had a similar problem with AC68U as main router and AC66_B1 as node in AiMesh. The instability was caused by having a guest network established in slot 1 and would go away as soon as I used slot 2 instead. It is not really a solution as guest network in slot 2 can not use both routers but at least you would know where the problem comes from ...

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