386.2_2 IPv6 broken in Dual WAN - Load Balance

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Setup: RT-AC5300, two Internet connections, ADSL (Primary, WAN port) and 4G (Secondary, LAN port 1). I'm getting IPv6 via ADSL only. Firmware 386.2_2.

If I disable Dual WAN, IPv6 works in both Native and Static modes, "ping6 www.cisco.com" works from the LAN hosts, and they are accessible from the outside.
If I enable Dual WAN, but leave it in Fail Over mode - IPv6 still works.
If I switch Dual WAN to Load Balance mode - IPv6 stops working on the LAN interface, I can't even ping link local addresses. It still works on the router, "ping6 www.cisco.com" is successful from the router, but not from the LAN hosts.

I've currently downgraded the router back to 384.19 - the latest one on the 384 code, as I'm getting an impression that IPv6 is somehow broken in the 386 line.


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