386.3_2 bugs

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I am using RT-AC88U Router and I am on the latest merlin firmware (386.3_2).
My router is in Dual Mode. I am using the first Lan port as the wan port.

I have noticed the following bugs:

1) Create QR-Code for the guest or normal WiFi does not work. Empty QR-Code is shown instead.


2) Setting 5Ghz guest network on the slot 1 does not work. The clients won't connect to this network. But if the 5ghz guest network is created on slot 2 everything works as expected.

3) When lets encrypt was activated on the Primary Wan (Home Page) there was a lets encrypt logo. This is missing in Dual Mode.


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Dual WAN and AiMesh (guest network 1) code comes from Asuswrt. Unrelated to Asuswrt-Merlin. Unfortunately, current Asuswrt-Merlin base is about 6 months older than current Asuswrt. You may have to wait for Asus to fix the licensing issues they have and release the new Asuswrt code.

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