amtm 386.4 on RT-AX68U needs .wget-hsts created after each reboot for amtm to work


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Hello, all!

I just installed the latest 386.4 release on a brand-new ASUS RT-AX68U (ok, 1 week old -- I'd configured it to replace an old router that was flaking and then decided to go to ASUSWRT-Merlin for Entware, etc. support).

Each time the router reboots, amtm mysteriously fails to fetch its' modules, and I have to "touch .wget-hsts" and re-run it before it works again. AFAIK, it's never worked out of the box, but fortunately the docs & forums mention "..wget-hsts" pretty prominently, so it hasn't been hard to fix. Still, it's surprising that this is broken given the overall fit and finish of ASUSWRT-Merlin is otherwise top notch.

Hope this bug report is useful,

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