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4 pcs of XT8

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Hi all, I have 4 XT8, one is used as main and two others are wired from this one. A fourth is used wireless and it keeps dropping out several times a day. I see posts with program version so I’ll post mine to, it’s How do I roll back to older versions of software? This is so frustrating! I though I was in the clear investing in these top notch products!
The problems with wireless backhaul connected XT8s is the main router XT8.
I had the same problem with 6 XT8s (3 on wireless backhaul) .

I switched to a GT-AX11000 Pro as the main router and in the latest 3 months I had no further wireless XT8s disconnection.
Do you mean that the problem is to have the router in the same modelline as the wireless, or that XT8 just isn’t fit for the job to be a wireless route and that a more competent router will do the job?
Im not that interested in spending more money on my home wifi, since I already spent almost a fifth of my monthly salary on it. With a AX11000 also, this would amount to a quarter. Which feels like this is getting out of hand.
I believe that an XT8 used as main router has stability problems with wireless backhaul connected nodes.
I tested all the available firmware versions since 2021 with not significant improvements in the wireless backhaul stability.
So eventually I replaced tha main router.

You could check if all your 4 XT8s are of the same hardware version (1.0 or 2.0).

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