4g-AC53U and certain apps fail (Android)

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Weird problem, been at it for days
Out-of-box setup, nothing activated or deactivated in the GUI except for the obvious stuff for this router. It serves my parents' devices for video streaming, banking, nothing fancy. SIM card connection is fine. Everything works on the LAN-side; Wlan works when it comes to laptop computers. But certain apps on their phones (wlan connected ofcourse) just behave weird. One of the apps is for video streaming (it's called Viaplay), log in works, streaming trailers works too, but the actual streaming of a movie would make the app return the message that there's no Internet connection, which of course isn't true. Since this was happening on my dad's phone I naturally wanted to see if I could reproduce the error on my phone (Android 9; he is running 7) and my phone returned the same error.
Any idea what's going on here?

Edit The viaplay app works fine when wifi is turned off on the phone(s)
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