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Solved 4G-AC86U WAN disconnects randomly

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So, I got a new 4G router cause I live in a rural area and DSL line here is plain trash (4Mbps).

I got Asus's 4G-AC86U and got my provider's (A1) SIM into the router, but the thing is sometimes the internet is up for an entire day, and at other times it just plain breaks after a few hours.

By looking at the System Log, i noticed that when fetching the IP from ISP, that IP is valid for 2hrs and by reading other stuff on this forum for other routers, it seems like the router fails to renew the IP for whatever reason.

Now, this Modem/Router combo doesn't have an AsusWRT-Merlin firmware so I'm stuck with the base firmware (fully up-to-date), for both Modem and Router.

I made a script that schedules CRON job to run every 5 minutes and ping google 3 times to check if WAN is up, and if not to restart the wan by using service "restart_wan_if 0"

I'd ideally want a script that checks the status of WAN internally, as when the WAN breaks the AsusWRT interface shows "Disconnected" on the globe icon, and I believe there's a way to check the status of that with something like ifconfig or something else - but that's what I haven't been able to find so far.

So, does anyone have any idea how I can check if the 4G WAN is connected / disconnected, so that I'd schedule this script to run every minute and if it detects a disconnected wan to auto-restart it instead of relying on ping to google, as there have been cases for those pings to time out either cause of ISP or Google, i have no idea.

If you have any other solution to this, it's welcome as well!

All the best.
So I went and did the thing on my own, so I'll be leaving the github link for the future sufferers who stumble upon this thread

Github Repo

The instruction for setup will greet you as soon as you open the github page, so just follow it and enjoy

Note: For now, it's assumed that you are able / know how to use ssh to access the router

Feel free to modify / expand upon / improve the script in any way you like, you can just make a Pull Requst on github if you want that to be incorporated into the main repo.

I'll now be trying to fully automate it with USB storage plugged in since that seems like the only plausible way to "hack" this ISP-unfriendly thing with stock firmware.

Wish you a pleasant day!
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It already existed :)

which actually links back to here:

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