5G becomes open after power loss (AC87U)

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After a power loss, sometimes (honestly, looks like most of the times) my Asus AC87U router losses it's password protection for 5G (but not for 2G), and becomes open. Interestingly, inside of the router settings I see all the buttons set on wpa2-personal and the password is set up. Up until now, only power off and on would reset the password protection to the proper state, but last time I managed to just use the reboot button from the settings to restore the protection.

This has been an issue for two years, from the very moment I bought my Asus AC87U. I don't know if this problem is happening with an official firmware or not, since I use the Merlin firmware.

Firmware version is 384.13_10


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This has been an issue for two years, from the very moment I bought my Asus AC87U.
Given that this has always been a problem for you and AFAIK no one else has ever reported the same issue it would seem specific to you.

The obvious suggestion is to do a factory reset followed by a basic setup to see if the problem goes away. If it doesn't then I'd suggest it's a hardware fault with your router. The reason why it would only effect the 5GHz band is because that is created by a completely separate Quantenna chip on the RT-AC87U. It may be that chip that is faulty.

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