5GHz devices not connecting or missing from list of devices.


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I have an RT-AX88U as my main router with an RT-AX3000 as an AiMesh node, both running the latest stock firmware

Over the last couple of days I have noticed that some of my 5GHz devices have stopped working and when I checked they cannot connect to the wireless.
These devices include a Roku TV Stick and a Macbook Air which both previously worked without issue.

I also have some devices that are connected to the network, but they dont show in the network list of devices or in the AiMesh specific lists even though they are working.

If I try and connect the devices to the 2.4 network, they work fine and connecting them to a 5GHz hotspot on my phone and they also work.

So I am stuck with what to do other than run my devices on the slower wifi.

Anyone have any ideas where to look next ?


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I had a issue like this a few weeks ago but I am running Merlin. I dropped back a few releases and have not had any issues since. I did see others with the same issue but they were all Merlin that I seen. My iPad would not connect to 5 Ghz band. It would try and then drop. Another thing to check would be the security settings in the router to see if they match the device. Also try deleting the network on the device and re set it up.

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