802.11r - Airmesh and Raspberry pi RADIUS server


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Dear all,
I have a question to the all the experts here.

I have a RT-AC86U as my primary router. Via LAN I have 2 AP connected.

One RT-AC68U via Airmesh and one AP from devolo. Currenty I use the WPA2 PSK security with the same SSID in the airmesh System and the AP (but on another channel).
I am thinking about to switch to WPA2 Enterprise security. In that case I would setup my Rasberry PI as a radius server and would fill out the required fields at my RT-AC86U and my devolo AP.

I would than activate the 802.11r standard on the devolo (there is an option). Would Merlins firmware support 802.11r as well (Roaming assistant?).?

Would my planned configuration with regard of Wifi Roaming be better than the WPA2-PSK approach? Or would my plan be useless?

Thanks a lot for your support.


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