86U and RMerlin's 384.14_2 issue-loses DNS?

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I have an 86U in media bridge mode. With 384.14_2 in the morning, no use over night, I show connected but there's no data flow, I can't get to the web, etc. Can't tell if its lost the DNS information? Something's stalled. Not saying I know its the DNS information that has gotten goofed. SEEMS like it.

A reboot and everything is back.

With 384.14_0 did not happen.

Which I've gone back to for now. It works. 384.14_2 loses its mind and always in the same scenario. Over night and there's been no activity.

No idea what's different and I don't have the skill set nor tools to identify why. Just know it does.


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Oops wrong forum. My apologies.

So far Alpha not displaying the issue. Problem is I can't nail down the issue in a way I can see what fixes might have helped.

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