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A DIY SSL VPN with SSL-Explorer - Part 1

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Complete waste of time and needs to be removed. I went through and instaled the JRE, compiled ant, got the latest SSLExplorer and started going through the instal procedure only to find out that the SSLExplorer is now a product of http://www.barracudanetworks.com/Barracuda_SSLVPN/ and you can't do anything described in later articles or add the TightVNC module (which was why I went through this whole process to begin with) because the option doesn't even exsist any more in the install script.

F**k me.

Please remove those articles or at least add a disclaimer 'NO LONGER WORKS'.
Not removed. But disclaimer added. Thanks for pointing out the problem.
SSL Explorer forked to Adito

SSL Explorer has been forked to Adito. The original SSL Explorer was GPL, so it'll never go away, and is still being developed. The Project is on Source Forge. TightVNC and allthe goodies are still there.

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