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A few questions about 388.1

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New Around Here
I've got a few questions regarding 388.1 on my AX88U I was hoping I could get some clarity on.

  1. Is there any significance to the OpenVPN slot number? Is there a priority here? I've noticed that when I have 2 IP's in the VPN Director with the same IP and different slots, the lower slot number is always listed first and there doesn't seem to be a way to change this. Is this intentional for failover priority?
  2. I've done some testing with multiple vpn slots assigned to the same range, and it *seems* to work to fall back to the next highest slot when the vpn disconnects. Can I depend on that?
  3. Is there any way to monitor that the vpn is connected to a certain region? I've had several cases where i notice that whatismyip.com and others are telling me my location is in someplace like brazil or germany. It seems to happen when my local isp is being glitchy, causing the vpn to disconnect and reconnect.. sometimes it seems to route me somewhere else.
    1. I'd like to monitor this and shut down the vpn, or reconnect it if it's not in the region it's expected to be.
  4. I've seen some scripts that will block all access to the WAN, but i'd like something a bit more flexible that easily allows me to allow WAN access to specific devices when needed (i have some stubborn banking sites that won't allow login if using a vpn, but i want it on most of the time).
  5. Are there any scripts that allow management of Nord slots? Like an easy way to pick a new server in a region when a streaming provider starts giving hissy fits? Right now the process is kind of cumbersome. I have to go the nord site, do some searching and hope it's in the right region, download it, upload the ovpn file, etc... i'd like something that works more like the app, to choose a region and have it randomly pick a server in that region (or better yet, find the least utilized one).
  6. Any scripts that can alert me in some way when the vpn disconnects? Like an email, or some kind of alerting app?
  7. Any scripts that check whether the ip is listed on a known vpn list?
I'm sure some people will suggest i look at the scripts forum, and I have... but honestly i find many of them do not explain well exactly what the script does. Probably my own comprehension problem... but i was hoping someone would help identify good scripts for this.

Any and all help appreciated.

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