Absolutely unable to add new XT8 node to existing XT8 network. Any ideas?

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Every single time, I get Unable to add your AIMesh node ZenWifi AX to your AIMesh system due to the following bla bla bla.

I have tried factory resetting the node. I would try to update the node firmware, but when connecting to it (wifi or ethernet) all I can get access to is the ****ing setup wizard. How can I get to the main GUI???

I am completely stumped. I am following the instructions to the letter and it simply will not connect.

Any ideas?


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OK I finally managed to access the GUI, updated the firmware to latest version and tried again. Still no joy.

I am stumped. How can it be this difficult to add a new XT8 to an existing XT8 mesh network. I mean honestly if the same kit is not easily compatible with itself, what on earth are you to do????


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OK, I will post this here for the benefit of other poor sods who may find themselves Googling here for a solution. I have spent all day on this, but FINALLY managed to get it all working.

I tried everything to get this to work:

Updated the new XT8 node firmware
Loaded factory defaults
Reset by holding down WPS and powering up
Reset by pressing the reset pin for 5 seconds
Tried the Asus Router app
Tried the Asus Router app on other devices
Connected to the node via WIFI
Connected to the node via Ethernet
Rebooted everything MANY times
Tried adding a node via the startup wizard
Tried adding a node via the web UI
Disconnected EVERyTHING
Tried it all again many times

Nothing works. Apart from this:

1. Connect the node to the main unit via Ethernet - yellow ports on the router, to the blue port on the node.
2. Log in to the main router UI and select Network Map on the left
3. At the bottom of the screen in the middle, click on AI Mesh Node
4. On the right hand side, click on Search
5. When the new node is found, click on Yes (or attach or whatever it says - I cannot quite remember)

This SHOULD work. You should now have a node connected with wired backhaul over Ethernet.

6. Now click on AIMesh on the left
7. Click on your new node in the middle of the screen
8. On the right hand side of the screen, click on Management
9. Change Connection Priority to Auto
10. Click on Reboot Node
11. Whilst rebooting, pull out the ethernet cable

Et Voila! You now have a new node connected wireless into your Mesh network.

I am pretty angry with Asus about this to be honest. It is utterly ridiculous that none of the documented ways of connected a new node should actually work. I could understand it (a bit) if we were talking 3 or 4 different types of hardware, all with their own different firmware versions. But i have 4 x XT8's all running latest firmware and all reset and rebooted and they just will not talk to each other as they are supposed to. A very poor show.


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As an addendum to this, I should add that having finally got everything set up, I am very pleased with the units. I am getting a reliable connection and decent speeds all around the house. It's been rock solid for several weeks now.

My only quandry is this: I want to add another node and would like to add an Asus XD4 node (as they are cheaper than another XT8). However the XD4 nodes do not have a WAN port - and therefore no wired backhaul. Which means I would be unable to add the node using the method above. I am left wondering whether I would be able to get it to work at all, since all attempts to add a node wirelessly previously, failed.


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Thank you Chippy_boy. I encountered the same problem and luckily I remembered seeing your post and then followed your post to fix it. It worked like a charm. Thank you!

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