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Hi, question for everyone - I'm seeing some odd behavior with QOS on my 86U. I have adaptive QOS turned on and bandwidth setting set to automatic. The QOS I've chosen is Work from home. When I run tests or dslreports - I see latency/bloat. In the past I change the bandwidth to manual and set slightly below my highest values on down and up - removing the bloat. When I do this now, my download drops from 230+Mbs to less than 10Mbs (when set to a 220Mbs limit), upload has a similar drop well below the limit set. Once I remove the manual setting and put back to automatic bandwidth comes back but latency/bloat comes back. Is this a known issue with recent firmwares? I've tried to search and don't see it.




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What firmware version? The easiest check is to ensure you're putting the download value in the download field and not the upload field. Common error to make.


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If I remember correctly, the automatic setting is flaky and doesn't work well. Choose manual and enter 90% or so of your upload and download speeds and test. Adjust the percentage as needed.


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Wow I feel stupid, was flipping my values - for some reason I assumed/read the top value as download and the bottom value as upload - nope it's the other way. All set and working once you use it right. Thanks!

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