AC1900 used solely as wired VPN for Apple TV?

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Until this morning I had ADSL. Today, I finally got fiber (yay!)

When i had ADSL, I had an ASUS AC1900 router attached to my internet company modem/router. I had uploaded (flashed?) expressVPN firmware to the router and had it working quite perfectly. It was programmed to activate VPN to the wired ethernet connection to my AppleTV and all wireless devices connected to the router would bypass the VPN. This way, I could watch all my American television without a problem from outside the USA.

Now, with my new fiber internet, I got a new modem/wireless router branded to the internet provider. Right now my Apple TV is ethernet connected to this new router. Of course, this router doesn't have VPN on it and I don't think I can configure it to have a VPN. I don't want to use my ASUS AC1900 as a wireless router—I prefer to use the new one I got with fiber—however, I am wondering if I can use it simply to provide VPN to my AppleTV through the ethernet without activating it as a wifi router?

Does anyone know how to do this? Configure it?

I am not that savvy on this stuff but usually I mange to figure things out.


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