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AC3100 - RPT network broadcasting in Access Point mode

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Hi - just moved and was using my AC3100 in wireless repeater mode to extend wifi from my Verizon box. Had bad signal, so ended up running an ethernet cable to AC3100 (up 3 floors) and switched the Asus over to Access Point mode. All seems okay and way better speeds etc., except I see on my devices that the AC3100 is still broadcasting the "_RPT" wifi network, in addition to the regular wifi network name (so I have Verizon_ABC and Verizon_ABC_RPT which are same network).

Is there a way to turn this off? I thought that by doing Access Point I would only have 1 single wifi network, visible, the same as being broadcast by my main hub, and that "_RPT" extra network was only for repeater mode. Or, will I always have an _RPT network in Access Point mode since I told it to use same network name as the main Verizon router? I can't find anywhere in settings or the manual how to turn the _RPT network off... thank you!


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Sounds like you may have accidentally put the router into repeater mode. Do as suggested above.


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To be clear - yes I had put it into repeater mode, deliberately... But then after that, I put it into AP mode and saved, even did firmware update and rebooted. Issue is that the RPT network continued to show up and be broadcasting to devices even while AC3100 showed as being in Access Point mode. I couldn't see anything about RPT on the router settings but on my phone and computer I could see that RPT network being offered.

I will try factory reset and see if it fixes, thx

UPDATE: factory reset seems to have done the trick. no more RPT network in AP mode. thx!
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