AC3100 Split Tunneling question

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Hi !

I am new to using merlin and before I proceed I just want to make sure Merlin is going to be suitable for my need.

I would like to use my AC3100 as a client for Private Internet Access VPN. I was to be able to make routing decisions so all my Fire Stick goes through VPN but my ipad to use my WAN ISP.

i also have a windows server with a plex server on it. I would like all traffic to use vpn with the exception or the plex aerver to use my wan isp internet.

will i be able to achieve this with merlin ?

thanks !!


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With RMerlin firmware and the amtm/script support available, yes.

What ISP speeds do you have up/down? What are your expectations of the VPN performance? The RT-AC3100 is capable of about 50Mbps over VPN if both your ISP and the ISP service you're connecting to are capable of that too.


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My ISP is 1000Mbps (Bell Fibe). What router you recommend if I want to achieve greater than 50Mbps ?

Also, let's say I assign my Fire Stick to via WAN with the exception of my IPTV provider ? Would I simply create a rule for Fire Stick to IPTV provider IP address via VPN ?



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1Gbps, up/down?

The RT-AC86U and the RT-AX88U are the highest performing VPN routers today that I can recommend with RMerlin firmware. They should be able to get 200Mbps or more.

Please ask that other question in the x3mRouting thread, @Xentrk is the one who can answer that authoritatively. :)

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