AC3100 will not power on after power outage

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Asus AC3100 was working perfectly until the last power outage. Since then, when switching on, only the WAN led and the ones to its right first flash. The LAN-1, USB2.0 and WPS leds light up in a very faded manner. I tried accessing the GUI via LAN but could not find the IP. Any recommandations or guidance would be appreciated.


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It reads 19.3 V, which is fine... but thanks
That means almost nothing. You need to to check how much power it is outputting amps, watts etc. A bad power supply can be putting out the correct voltage but little power.


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You'll be lucky if the power supply only took the hit. Asus uses high main power supply voltage and multiple DC-to-DC step down converters to power different circuits on the PCB. Routers like AC5300 have 10 inside. Some of them burn for unknown reason.


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Thanks for your help guys. I bought a new router... and I will open this one up as a little project eventually... maybe :)

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