AC3200 Merlin can't get FA to work

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Hi everyone,

I'm not sure what is going on but I have tried everything I've read on the forums and can't get by router to give me gigabit download. I have an AC3200 and I've turned off QOS and Traffic Monitoring... did a factor reset and I just can't get the NAT Acceleration to enable FA. It is continuially stuck on CTF no matter what I do and it is limiting my gigabit to around 550 Mbps (CPU usage spikes to 100% and caps download). Is there some hidden setting I'm missing or do I need a router upgrade? I read that perhaps some versions of this router can't do FA? Any advice would be much appreciated... gigabit internet is expensive and to only get half of it is really bugging me.


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What type of connection are you on? If it is PPOE you'll never be able to use FA.

My AC3200 is parked in a cupboard for emergency use , it is a good router but way past its sell by date . You'll see no updates for it from ASUS except maybe an emergency patch.

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